Happy New Year in Greek

Happy New Year in Greek

Happy New Year in Greek-New year is all about starting afresh. It is an ideal opportunity to look back at the past year and prepare to move forward into the new year. It is an occasion where people of all age groups come together to celebrate and wish to remain together for the coming year. New year is season of merriments. It is the time of let go of all the worries and to step into the year clean. Each people group, each race, each nationality celebrates new year. Some have their own customs, some choose to celebrate in their own specific manner. In any case, the day everyone over the world celebrates.

How to Say Happy New Year in Greek

How to Say Happy New Year in Greek-Greeks does not say “Happy New Year”. They say “ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος”. It is pronounced as “eftychisméno to néo étos”. Like every country, Greeks has their own traditions to celebrate the stepping into the new year. One of the famous traditions of Greeks is the Ta Kalanda (Carol singing). On early New Year’s Eve, kids go from door to door singing KALANDA, Greek Christmas Carols. Card playing another unique tradition that Greeks have. New year is the perfect excuse to make some extra bucks.

Happy New Year in Greek
Happy New Year in Greek

A pomegranate is said to be the symbol pf prosperity and good luck. It is tied above the door of the house through Christmas. At midnight of New Year’s Eve, the lights are switched off and the pomegranate is hurled on the floor. It is said that if the number of seeds spilled are more, it brings lot of good luck.

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Every tradition has a back story. Every doing has a meaning. New year is a time of the year where you let go of all your bitterness and get ready to embrace you’re a new self in the new day. New year is the time to spread positivity and forgive who all did you wrong.



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