Happy New Year in Cantonese

Happy New Year in Cantonese

Happy New Year in Cantonese-New year is tied in with beginning once more. It is a perfect chance to recall the gone year and get ready to progress into the new year. It is the time when all the age groups get together and celebrate and wish to stay together for the coming year. New year is period of merriments.it is the season of let go of the considerable number of stresses and venture into the year clean. Every gathering, each race, every nationality celebrates new year. Some have their own traditions, some celebrate in their own particular way. Regardless, the day everybody over the world celebrates.

How to Say Happy New Year in Cantonese

How to Say Happy New Year in Cantonese-We do not say Happy New Year in Cantonese. We say Gong Hey Fat Choy. Like other countries, they also have few traditions to uphold. But these traditions differ from province to province. New Clothes. On New Year’s Chinese will wear new garments. It is regular to buy numerous new things and strip oneself of old things (after New Year’s) amid this time.

Happy New Year in Cantonese
Happy New Year in Cantonese

Spring Cleaning. Before New Year’s, the general population clean their homes altogether. Amid this time, they additionally change the custom embellishments in their homes, for example, fai chaeun, red paper with 4-character auspicious truisms that are ordinarily hung in sets around the entryway. Lucky Money. Lucky cash, is given out in little red bundles. Guardians offer them to their unmarried youngsters all through the greater part of China. In a few regions, lucky cash is offered out to more distant family, or even to any unmarried companions. Youngsters or visitors “qualified” to get lucky cash welcome the host with the expression “gung hei faat choih” catching their hands before them and moving them all over.

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New year is the time for all the relatives and families to come together and let go of the year left behind. So, step into the new year with your loved ones with a huge smile.

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