Happy New Year in French

Happy New Year in French

Happy New Year in French-The first of January, represents a fresh start with the coming of a new year. Traditionally, friends and families would get together on this day for a religious feast and to exchange greetings for a happy and prosperous new year. From the early 1990s, people started celebrating this occasion at midnight of 31st December which is known as the New Year’s Eve. Most of the countries also see fireworks at midnight to symbolise the arrival of the new year. Friends and families get together for the feast and exchange gifts and wishes with each other.

How to Say Happy New Year in French

How to Say Happy New Year in French-Happy New Year in French is “bonne année”. The celebrations for the New Year starts from the evening of December 31 and go on till January 1. People get together on this day with their family, friends and community to celebrate. There aren’t many traditions to be followed for the New Year’s Eve. However, there are some which are very important, like kissing under the mistletoe and counting down to midnight. This day is traditionally spent with friends.

Happy New Year in French
Happy New Year in French

People get together to dance. Many towns organise a bally where everyone appears all dressed and costumed and at the stroke of midnight, they kiss each other on the cheek two or four times. Some bigger cities might as well experience fireworks or a parade. On the New Year’s Eve, families prepare a feast which must include Champagne, good wine, oysters, foie gras and other delicacies. The food could be anything depending of what the family likes or may even go for a buffet style if having a party.

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Though the traditions to celebrate the New Year day might differ from country to country, it holds the same value to everyone. A new beginning, a fresh start and an excuse to get together with friends and family.


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