Happy New Year In German

Happy New Year In German

Happy New Year In German-2017 is about to end and as we all will have mixed feelings with 2017, I’m sure we are looking forward to next year with lots of hope that happiness and joy will prosper into our lives.

Well we wouldn’t want to let this opportunity go as a waste and we all want to celebrate New year with out friends and family.

Every part of the world is looking forward and preparing themselves for the new year. Each and every part of the world have their own style of celebrating New year. This includes their land history, tradition and their own culture.

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While every country have the same reason to celebrate the new year but each country has their own style of celebrating New year. Germany is a great place in the world and people of German will also obviously celebrate New year.

How to Say Happy New Year In German

How to Say Happy New Year In German-In German new year’s eve is called “Silvester”. On this day people also celebrate the feast of St. Sylvester. St. Sylvester died on new year’s eve in the year 335. So the new year’s Eve has a customs which are related to the old traditions of Germany.( Happy new year German – Frohes neues Jahr)

During this Festive season of new year, the loved ones spend time with each other, people eat traditional food and families have get together with festive good times.

Happy New Year In German
Happy New Year In German

The traditional new year food includes sauerkraut and lentils as they represent wealth and good fortune for next year. There are various food items and it varies with different region of Germany.

“Prost Neujahr” is how Germans say Happy New Year. This is the most common toast of germans and they count down the last ten seconds when the new year is just 10 seconds away. They shout “Prost Neujahr” when the count down is over.


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