Happy New Year in Hawaiian 

Happy New Year in Hawaiian

Happy New Year in Hawaiian -The new year, which is usually celebrated on the 1st of January, represents a fresh start for everyone. Traditionally, friends and families get together on this day for a feast and to exchange greetings for a happy and prosperous new year. The celebrations these days usually start well in advance with people going out in the evening of 31st December, and indulging in celebrations which last till early morning.

The midnight of 31st December is known as the New Year’s Eve. Most of the countries also see fireworks at midnight to symbolise the arrival of the new year. Some also believe that the period leading up to the New Year’s Day should be used to set things straight, through house cleaning, paying off debts, mending quarrels, etc.

How to Say Happy New Year in Hawaiian

How to Say Happy New Year in Hawaiian- Happy New Year in Hawaiian is hauʻoli makahiki hou. The Hawaiians all have different ways of celebrating this day. The most obvious ways to celebrate the day is to throw a house party or a night on town. Residents gather together to experience the spectacular fireworks displays at midnight. There are some traditions as well which are still carried out to honour the cultural practices that go back centuries, and one of them is Mochi pounding. This is an intricate dance. Rice is soaked for days.

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Two at a time pounders alternate swings and a third person kneads the doughy mass between strokes. This ceremony is done to honour Buddha. People gather at various Buddhist temples around Hawaii to participate in this practice. Fireworks are hugely popular on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year in Hawaiian
Happy New Year in Hawaiian

Some fireworks may be illegal, but people can purchase permits for fireworks, firecrackers, etc. As per traditions, these fireworks are believed to ward off evil spirits. While for some countries this day holds a very religious value, for others it might not hold religious sentiments. But for everyone, this day symbolises a new beginning, a fresh start and an excuse to get together with their friends and families. Now how you want to celebrate this day, is all on you.

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