Happy New Year in Italian

Happy New Year in Italian

The first day of January represents a fresh start. It is time to move ahead in life with a new year by making some resolutions and making sure not to repeat the same mistakes again. Traditionally, friends and families get together on this day for a religious feast and exchange greetings for a happy and prosperous new year. These days the celebrations start on the midnight of 31st December itself, which is known as the New Year’s Eve. Most of the countries see fireworks at midnight to symbolise the arrival of the new year. On this day, friends and families get together for a feast and to exchange gifts and to wish each other.

How to Say Happy New Year in Italian

How to Say Happy New Year in Italian-Happy New Year in Italian is “felice anno Nuovo”. Italians are a huge fan of festivals and they love fireworks. Just like most of the other Italian festivals, they have a feast for this festival as well. Friends and families get together for huge feasts n this day. the dinner mostly includes a cotechino, a large spiced sausage, or a Campione, which is a stuffed pig’s trotter. The pork symbolizes the richness of life in new year. Traditional food includes lentils, which symbolises money and good fortune for the coming year.

Happy New Year in Italian
Happy New Year in Italian

Most of the towns have public fireworks in a central square. They also build bonfires in the central square where many towns have public music and dancing. Naples is believed to have one of the best and biggest displays in the country. According to the traditions of the Eve, guests may get together for a game of Tombola, which is similar to Bingo. The day may be celebrated with spumante or prosecco, which is an Italian sparkling wine. The parties often last till sunrise.

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While this is how Italy celebrates the new year, other countries might have other traditions. But the sentiments for all is the same. This new year symbolizes the same thing for all. A new beginning, a fresh start and an excuse to get together with their close ones.


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