Happy New Year in Polish

Happy New Year in Polish

Happy New Year in Polish-New year is the starting of a year. It is the time to reminisce the gone year and get ready to step into the new year. It is the time of the year where all the age groups come together and celebrate and wish to stay together for the coming year. New year is time of festivities. Every community, every race, every nationality celebrates new year. Some have their own traditions, some decide to celebrate in their own way. But it is the day that everybody across the world celebrates.

How to Say Happy New Year in Polish

How to Say Happy New Year in Polish-“Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku”, this is Happy New year in Polish. New Year’s Eve in Poland is called Sylvester. According to the Polish calendars, every day is devoted to a saint. Previously, Poles usually used to party indoors. Their choice would be either quiet restaurants or private house.

Happy New Year in Polish
Happy New Year in Polish

Few companies used to organize ball for their employees. These party always lasted till dawn and involves alcohol. In the congress hall, a central celebration occurs. Here all the high dignitaries attend with their wives and merry around.

For the students the most common practice is to spend Sylvester evening on mountains. They also celebrate in Shepard shed. From last 10-15 years the tradition of celebrating New Year in outdoors came into account. The main squares are now flooded with people celebrating the welcoming of the New Year together. Since Poles are super addicted to dance, they dance their way into the New Year.

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New year is supposed to be family time. But now along with family everybody spends it with everybody. New year is the time to spread love and positivity. Let go of all your grudges and step into the year with clean book. It helps to give you better understanding and quality of life. So, spend your New Year with smile and start your year with positivity.

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