Happy New Year in Korean

Happy New Year in Korean

Happy New Year in Korean-New year is around the corner and we are all excited about it. Different regions of the world will celebrate New year differently. Some people will even celebrate New year on a different day since not everyone follows the most common solar calendar.

How to say Happy New Year in Korean
How to say Happy New Year in Korean

Korea is one of those country who celebrate New year in a very unusual time because they follow the lunar calendar system. Koreans will celebrate New year on 16 February and they have been celebrating the new year on this day since thousands of years. However some Korean follow the solar calendar which have new year on January 1. So some Korean celebrate New year on January 1 just like the westerners.

Koreans can celebrate New year twice in a year. But according to the history and rituals of Korea, the lunar calendar is the original calendar that Korean follow.

How to Say Happy New Year in Korean

How to Say Happy New Year in Korean-( Happy New Year in Korean-새해 복 많이 받으세요)Whether the new year is on lunar calendar or solar calendar either of the Koreans celebrate the time with their family and devote to their ancestors. As most of the Koreans who follows the solar calendar lives in West and they are not with their families, they mostly celebrate New year with their friends.

Hanbok is the traditional dress of Korea and every wears this traditional dress during new year celebration. On a new year’s day people of Korea will do the ritual as a family called “She Bae” which means a deep bow to the floor.

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The family member would bow down to decease their ancestors and offer food and drinks to the spirit of their ancestors (Charae).

Dumplings and “dun gook” which is a traditional Korean soup is serve after the See Bae. Young people of the house also visits their relatives to wish them happy new year.

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