Happy New Year in Portuguese

Happy New Year in Portuguese

Happy New Year in Portuguese-New Year essentially marks the beginning of a new calendar year being followed. Every country, every culture has its own way of celebrating new year’s, since there was a different calendar that was adopted by all of them. However, the wide acceptance and use of the Gregorian Calendar, has marked 1st January as the date of a new year. Despite being celebrated in varying manners, the significance of the day stays the same for all of them.

How to Say Happy New Year in Portuguese

How to Say Happy New Year in Portuguese-While wishing someone a Happy New Year in Portuguese, the words “Feliz Ano Novo” are used. In line with the Spanish tradition of grapes, in Portugal eating 12 raisins is a common tradition. These are usually paired with a glass of wine and symbolize wishing for each of the months of year. Amid the celebrations and bursting of crackers, another superstition prevails in the southern parts of the country. In order to ward off any negative energy, pots and pans are often banged together during the celebrations.

Happy New Year in Portuguese
Happy New Year in Portuguese

These are fairly in line with the rest of the world, but there is a unique belief which exists. The colour of the underwear worn at the time of the clock hitting midnight is considered to be of great importance in this culture. Apart from being new, the colour blue symbolizes good luck while red stands for succeeding in love. Another such tradition is of keeping money in the pocket to wish for fortune in the year to come. When morning comes upon, children often visit the houses in the neighbourhood to sing songs and bestow good luck.

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New year also includes the idea of starting fresh for any individual celebrating this day. It’s looked as an opportunity to let go of the past and beginning the new year with a clean slate. Whether it’s following rituals or dancing under the stars, New Year’s Eve marks the acknowledgement of an important transition in everyone’s life.




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