Happy New Year in Spanish

Happy New Year in Spanish

Happy New Year in Spanish-The first of January, represents a fresh start of a new year. On this day traditionally, a religious feast may be held, and people may visit their friends and families to exchange greetings for a happy and prosperous new year. People start celebrating from the evening of 31st December itself. They countdown to midnight after which the actual party gets started. This is known as the New Year’s Eve. Most of the countries also see fireworks at midnight to symbolise the arrival of the new year.

How to Say Happy New Year in Spanish

How to Say Happy New Year in Spanish-Happy New Year in Spanish is “Feliz año nuevo”. The celebrations here start on 31st December and the party continues till the early hours of 1st January. The fun and the festivities are on a real high during these two days. People eat the traditional twelve “lucky grapes”, one by one, in time with the striking of the clock at midnight on 31 December. It is believed that if one manages to eat all the grapes on time, the year ahead will be prosperous and full of good luck. The striking of the clock is shown live on television throughout Spain. Families and friends get together on this day for a delicious dinner and then eat the twelve grapes.

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Happy new Year in Spanish
Happy new Year in Spanish

Puerta del Sol Square in Madrid, Spain is famous for this tradition. Thousands of people converge in front of the clock at this point to welcome New Year. The atmosphere is absolutely perfect with confetti, music and streamers everywhere. People are dressed up with wigs, hats and masks and the spirit is just so high and infectious. After eating grapes, bottles of cava are uncorked, and everyone toasts everyone else around. The rest of the night is pure fun with Laughter, jokes, dancing, music and what not.

There is no ideal way to welcome the new year. Different countries have different styles of celebrating new year, but the day means the same for all. A new beginning, a fresh start and an excuse to get together with friends and family.

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